JS-20 3D Scanner Family Manual

Table of Contents

The JS-20 Family
Mechanical Mounting Specifications
Electrical and Cable Specifications
Input Specifications
8-Wire Pinout
Legacy Electrical and Cable Specifications
Input Specifications
12-Wire Pinout
Sample Wiring Schematic
15-Wire Pinout
Cable ID Wiring
Important Laser Safety


First, we would like to thank you for your interest in the JS-20 family of sensors. We certainly hope you find the information you need either in this manual or elsewhere on our web site. If you find something wrong, confusing, or missing, let us know so we can fix it for everyone.

This manual covers the following topics: features, mechanical mounting instructions, electrical specifications, performance specifications, maintenance, and laser safety. The interface software and developer's documentation are separate and can be found on JoeScan's support site.