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A legend in the upper left corner of the graph lists the scanners in the current Zone and the color used for their data. The number to the left of the decimal point is the Cable ID of the scanner; the number to the right is the laser number.

There will also be one or more colored rectangles. These are the scan windows for the corresponding scanners. A scanner will not return data outside its scan window.

Use the Zone drop-down box to select from the zones defined in the parameters. Only data from scanners in the currently selected Zone will be displayed. If a scanner is offline, it won't show up in the legend even if it's a member of the current Zone.

The current position of the cursor is displayed in the lower left corner.


There are several ways of zooming in to look at data, whether to get a rough idea or a look at a specific data point:

  • Drag a zoom window by holding down the left mouse button.

  • Double-click the left or right mouse button to zoom in or out, respectively.

  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse.

  • Zoom to fit the data by pressing the Z key or clicking the

When the 1:1 Axes box is checked, the graph will have a 1:1 aspect ratio. Normally, this is what you will want. One reason for not using a 1:1 aspect ratio would be to look at small height variations across the top of a relatively flat surface.

Table 2. Toolbar Buttons

ButtonFunctionHot Key

Zoom InCtrl++

Zoom OutCtrl+-

Zoom to FitZ

1:1 AxesA
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