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We use a plain text parameter file to store the various camera, laser and calibration settings for each head, as well as the definition of fixtures, groups and global settings.
Format and contents are documented at: Parameter Reference.

Managing the Parameters File

A typical application sends the parameter file to all heads upon startup. Each head will parse the file, apply the relevant data to itself and ignore the rest.

The data in the file is retained on the head, so ensure that all of your scanners operate based on the same file. We recommend that you simply keep a copy of the relevant parameters file together with your application and send it to all heads at startup. The developer kits for C# and C/C++ contain examples that show you how to read and send the file.


  • The format must be a plain ASCII text file
  • The file can be edited with any text editor
  • If it contains a Unicode marker, the scanners will fail parsing the file

Figure 8. Sample JSDiag Parameter File Screen

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