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JSDiag can be accessed in two different ways:

  • If the scanner is part of an optimization system, it will usually be launched from within the optimization software's interface or from a desktop icon. Your software vendor will provide you with detailed instructions on how to start JSDiag.
  • You can download a copy of the JSDiag software directly from the scan head, by pointing your web browser at the head's IP address (e.g., JSDiag software comes in the form of a "JAR," an executable file format for Java. You can execute the software on the command line using the following syntax:

    java -jar JSDiag.jar IPADDRESS CableID [CableID ...]

    The java runtime software must be installed on your machine, and the java interpreter must be contained in your PATH variable.

    The IPADDRESS is the address of the first head followed by a list of cable IDs (separated by spaces).

    The "working directory" must contain a valid param.dat file.

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